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Areas of Conveyancing Covered

Below is a brief description of the work we cover as well as the fixed prices on offer.
Private Sale


Once you have decided to sell your property you will need a Section 32 vendors statement.  We can generally prepare these within 5business days of taking instructions from you if a stand alone property. If the property is a unit with an operational owners corporation then we shall need to obtain an owners corporation certificate from the property manager which can take up to 10 business days.  We provide vendors statements for private sales FREE OF CHARGE and the fixed price for a private sale from start to finish is $1,500.00 payable at settlement inclusive of all GST and disbursements and is payable at settlement of the matter.






If you have decided to sell your property by auction then you will need a Section 32 vendors statement as well as a contract of sale. Most selling agents like to have the contracts available to them by your first open for inspection which is generally 4 weeks prior the auction date. The auction contracts contain a large amount of rate and planning certificates that we must make application for asap as they can take up to 3 weeks to be returned. If you have decided to sell by auction its best to instruct us sooner rather than later so as to get everything actioned.  The fixed price for selling by auction is $1,500.00 payable at settlement inclusive of all GST and disbursements. and is payable at settlement of the matter.



Prior to signing a contract of sale for the purchase of a residential or commercial property, we can look over the documents for you free of charge to ensure that all legal requirements have been covered.  If you are buying at auction we recommend you have a building and pest inspection done prior to the auction day.  If purchasing by private sale then have the contract you sign conditional upon a satisfactory building and pest inspection within 7 days of signing the contract.  Also if buying privately, you should make the contract conditional upon finance approval within 2 weeks of signing the contract if you have not as yet received formal loan approval.  We handle the full scope of a purchase file from start to finish and the fixed price for purchasing is $1,500.00 payable at settlement inclusive of all GST and disbursements.

Plans of Subdivision

​Once you decide to subdivide a piece of land or you have purchased a property with plans to subdivide, we can assist you with all areas of having the subdivision registered and new titles issued.  We liase with your mortgagee, surveyor and council to ensure a smooth transaction to ensure registration takes place as soon as possible. The fixed price for a plan of subdivision or plan of consolidation file is $990.00 


Transfers of Land

We can prepare transfer of land transferring ownership of a property where this is no contract involved such as breakdown in marriage / relationship or just transferring the property into another name. We liase with your mortgagee (if applicable) to make the certificate of title available at the land titles office and obtain the mortgagees consent for the transfer to be lodged and registered.  The fixed price for this is $990.00 and payable at completion of the file.

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